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advanced skills wetlab

The COS wetlab will be a chance for you to try cutting edge techniques for anterior segment surgery.   Friday, July 20th at Estes Park will be the day of the Advanced Skills wetlab.  We will be featuring an unbelievable combination of advanced techniques to learn from both physicians and company representatives. 

The Rocky Mountain Eye Bank will be hosting a very special DMEK wetlab in which you will have an option to try a hands on wetlab for DMEK.  Due to the specialized nature of this, we would like to ask that you sign up in advance for these 30 minute sessions during this very special afternoon.  To do this, simply fill out this request form which will be first come first serve and will be on a limited basis.

rmeb  dmek

In addition to DMEK, we will have opportunity to try the new MiLoop and also a Zepto capsulotomy.  We are planning 2 MSICS stations as well as selected MIGS devices including Kahook dual blade, Cypass and iStent.   A special lecture on the Yamane suturelesss IOL fixation technique will be Friday morning and a Yamane technique wetlab is being explored as well.