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The COS would like to announce that we are opening open up the reservations for our special retreat in the Riviera Maya this February to members of the CMDA, FCO, OIF and any personal friends of any member from church or your community or medical staff.  Please consider inviting your special friends or even others from your practice such as administrators or technicians.  


Resort Highlights
President Stan Pletcher remarks "The quality of this all inclusive resort is phenomenal including the many pools, beach, rooms and 9 incredible restaurants!  There are plenty of beachside activities included like sailing and kayaking.  Snorkeling can be arranged on the reef directly off of the resort with local captains.    The nice variety of nightly evening entertainment was high quality, tasteful and incredibly fun including fire dancers, live Marimba players, jugglers, impersonations and more!  All rooms are quite large at 650 sq ft and include jacuzzi tubs so any level room is quite adequate and no room upgrade is particularly necessary.  A week there was one of our best vacations ever!  It will be a great place for groups of couples to enjoy!"

Please note the following updates for our reservation process:

1.  While we can accept late registrations through January, we request that you register by December 1st to allow us time to fill out our room blocks and plan our time well.
2.  All resort reservations including any extra nights (up to 6 extra nights are available) will be made through the society and paid directly to the resort via the society.  For extra nights, the COS will bill you directly at our special discounted rate.  At the resort itself, you will not have any extra charges to pay to the hotel as all will be pre-paid.
3.  Do not forget that due to the CME being offered, you may be able to pay for much of this trip under medical education through your office!  Please consult your accountant as necessary.

For those still contemplating coming, we would urge you to schedule to come.  Given that this is the first time that the society has offered this type of event in the winter, our response to this event will certainly affect our consideration for future events of this type in the winter.  For questions about any details, please email 

Speaker Highlights
We have a phenomenal couple - Dr. Walt and Barb Larimore - who will be giving the input on Friday and Saturday mornings from 9 - 11:30 AM and due to this we have the ability to give CME hours for this event.  Dr. Larimore has been a practicing family physician for over 35 years and currently resides in Colorado Springs where he sees patients.  He teaches family medicine part time holding an academic appointment at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program in Tulsa, OK.  He is well known to the CMDA where he has been a frequent speaker at various conferences.   He maintains which includes a daily devotional and a health blog.  He is a prolific author and has written, co-written or edited over 30 books and over 800 articles in a variety of medical journals and lay magazines.  To read more about Dr. Walt, click here.

For Those with Dietary Concerns

One of the highlights of this particular resort is the diversity, display and flavor of their incredible restaurants and food.  The resort has plenty of options for those who have dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and dairy free needs.   Please see this page for further details:

Safety Concerns
The resort is just a short 15 minute drive from the airport and we will have recommended private and safe transportation if there are any concerns for this.  In addition, the resort is a very safe place and our experience is that there was no reason to venture off of the resort at all.