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A very special session is planned for Friday evening July 20th that will be include audience participation.  Any attendee may sign up to present a proposed idea, method or device which is a needed innovation for sharing the gospel through ophthalmology to further missions!!  

A panel under moderator - Dan Gold will judge along with live audience polling.  Prizes will be awared for the most original, most creative, most exciting and most proven ideas!

To signup to present, please click here.

Registration is now open for the 42nd COS annual meeting at Estes Park 2018. (July 18 - 22, 2018)   Click here to register.   Our annual meeting will be at the infamous YMCA Camp of the Rockies just outside of Estes Park, Colorado.  Please reserve your rooms since our housing promises to be sold out.  Also, please note that all 3 meals / day are included when you register your room.  To reserve your room today, please use this link.


'The following story is from a recent newsletter from Kibuye Eye Clinic in Burundi, Africa where Dr. John Cropsey and Dr. Darrell Baskin and their families serve.  

What’s the longest that you’ve walked to get somewhere?  A few miles?  Likely it was a recreational choice, not a medical necessity.  In Burundi, a country with only a handful of ophthalmologists, it is incredibly difficult to find access to eye care.  An example is Mamma Eliane.  Her husband abandoned her and took their two healthy children with him, leaving her destitute with only the youngest child who had retinoblastoma (RB), in both eyes.  Desperate for help for the only person left in her life, she walked barefoot with two year old Eliane on her back for more than 50 miles over mountainous terrain to the Kibuye Eye Clinic, hoping for a miracle.  Unfortunately, the cancer had progressed to the point that it was necessary to remove both of her eyes.


This year we will be staying in the updated YMCA lodges.  These rooms can accomodate up to 5 persons.  Our lodging this year is unusual because all three meals are included for the number registered.  (only a banquet fee upgrade will be added to registration)

We ask that you please reserve your room promptly if you are considering coming to the 42nd annual meeting.  Please do this if possible in the next six weeks prior to April 1st.  We anticipate the potential for running out of rooms this year and so appreciate early reservations to help us predict this space.

To reserve your room, please use this link.


ymca entrance

The YMCA Camp of the Rockies will be the destination for our 42nd annual meeting from July 18 - 22nd, 2018.   Hosting this event will be Dr. Steve Petty and Dr. Matt Kruger of Denver, CO.  Estes Park is a special place to meet and we'll enjoy the beautiful rocky mountains.  The Rocky Mountain National Park is close by.

Estes Park is closest to Denver International Airport and we will have a shuttle to the YMCA camp for those who are not driving.   lease mark your calendar and note that the week is one to two weeks earlier than our last meetings.