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Throughout the years, practices and candidates have found each other through the Christian Ophthalmology Society - often at the annual COS meeting.  For many years, a job opportunities meeting run by Dr. Lee Helms was held at our conference to facilitate practices and candidates getting to know each other.  Since 2007, Christian Eye Network has served many practices finding "like-minded" candidates for their positions.  In addition, Christian Eye Network has experience helping candidates review contracts and discern God's direction for their future employment.

Currently, Christian Eye Network (CEN) employs two full time recruiters, Drew and Bryan, who work diligently to connect doctors for mission, work and ministry.   The Christian Medical Dental Association (www.cmda.org) has had ophthalmology recruitment in the past but since 2014 has entrusted CEN with all of its work in this area.

Starting in 2018, through an increased partnership with Christian Eye Network, sustaining members of the society will be able to receive a discount for placement services.  Practices with multiple sustaining members in the society can receive an even greater discount for placement assistance.  To learn more about this network and your options, please visit www.christianeye.net or contact info@christianeye.net directly.     

The COS supports these efforts but assumes no responsibility for any job posting placement arrangements made by individuals through this service. However, through annual meeting attendance and through this network, we pray that Christian practices and physicians can be led to find the best partnerships.

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