The Presidents Corner

Inline image 1Many of you met Dr. Jeremie Agré who was present at our Portland meeting in 2016.  Jeremie is currently leading the mobile eye clinic project in the Ivory Coast, a French speaking country located in West Africa.  Ivory Coast is a country of 24 million with less than 30 eye surgeons and most of them work in the capital city leaving the rural area under-served. The mobile eye clinic project is to serve the rural population. The project is planning to open 2 new satellite eye clinics and to hire 2 ophthalmic nurses to support the important needs outside the large city. The satellite clinics will enable cataract and glaucoma screening to take place in the under-served rural areas and visiting surgeons from the capital to perform surgeries and follow up care.  



His clinic is is need of some basic eye equipment.  If you are able to donate any of the following used items in good condition, they would be happy to arrange and pay for transport of materials.

Slit lamps with tonometer
Auto refractors
A-scan / B-scan ultrasound
Vision projectors
Fundus cameras
Automated visual field machines
Basic surgical ophthalmology sets