The eye team at Kibuye Eye Clinic has grown to two ophthalmologists with the addition of Dr. Darrell Baskin.  Dr. Baskin and his family of seven have joined Dr. John Cropsey in 2016 after studying French for one year.  In this Vimeo video, John discusses the vision that is helping to develop the unique eye care clinic.

Due to a one year furlough for Dr. John Cropsey and an unexpected trip back to the USA for the summer for partner Dr. Darrell Baskin, the Kibuye Eye Clinic will have need for an ophthalmologist to help for a few weeks or for even a month this summer.  Those versed in MSICS can help with the backlog of cataract surgery utilizing the experienced eye team and the operating room which is setup.  If you have potential interest, please email directly to Dr. John Cropsey  French language is certainly helpful.   Learn more about this powerful team for Christ serving in Burundi.

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