Our theme for 2017 is "Pursuing Excellence" (Colossions 3:23-24).  We will be exploring excellence in training, practice, surgery, mission, ministry and family.  


This year we think you'll find an engaging, enlightening and exciting meeting for you and your entire family.   We will feature many events for your kids and entire family in addition to a rich missions, scientific and spouse program. Our integrated mission and scientific programs will feature MIGS for the developing world and US including a first ever wetlab experience to have hands on experience with more than 6 devices including iStent, Cypass, Xen gel stent, Trab360, Kahook Dual Blade and Micropulse. We have an engaging faculty including Dr. Steve Sarkisian, Dr. Leon Herndon, Dr. Mildred Oliver, Dr. Matthew Cooke and Dr. Scott Lawrence for this section.  

Please explore this meeting site and then register right away for the meeting.

Registration for the meeting is now open.  Click here to register.

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