The Presidents Corner

The President's Corner

Dr. Stan Pletcher is the current president of the society.  He shares these articles for the benefit of the community.

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Operating with a fly swatter and umbrella is just one example of the incredibly rich stories of life on the mission field.  Please take time to watch this powerful and convicting talk given by Dr. John Cropsey at the September MSICS conference entitled "The Ten Commandments of Missions"
Dr. Cropsey is currently in the US working at the University of Michigan while on a one year furlough from his long term mission to Burundi at the Kibuye Hope Hospital where he and a team of 50+ serve as faculty for a medical school for the country.
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Wow - I'm ready for Lake Junaluska!  What an absolutely beautiful setting for our largest attended annual meeting ever!  Hang onto your seats if you're coming as we have lots planned for the entire family!!

The year, please look forward to some of the following exciting events:

Pursuing Excellence - Opening Session on Wednesday night featuring Dr. Dan Gold as moderator with topics covering our theme and conference verse - Colossians 3:23-24.

MIGS wetlab - Friday afternoon featuring 6 different companies and their devices that are changing the management of glaucoma finally!!

MSICS Simulator - HelpMeSee is bringing not one but two high fidelity simulators which attendees can try hands on to see the progress of simulation of the MSICS tunnel construction.

Dynamic Female Spouse's Session - Join our ladies as they enjoy hearing from Halle Paauw, Helen Pons and Jessica Cropsey.  Topics include:  Loving in Community, God's Providence and Raising Godly Children.  In addition, special events are planned as optional for each late morning session.

Exciting Male Spouse Session - Join Jim Meyer who will be coordinating the activities for each day for our male spouses.  Their activities may tempt all of our attendees to join them fishing, kayaking or just having fun!

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 portland4The 40th annual meeting was certainly a huge blessing to me. I was awed by the spirit there and thankful to meet many new attendees. We were all blessed by the support from so many exhibitors. My favorite sessions included hearing the missionaries on Thursday, our mission's day on Thursday, praying on Saturday morning with a great small group, hearing the resident testimonies, Nathan Greene's wonderful talk on Saturday and hearing Scott Lawrence on Sunday AM. Dan Siapco's band, SardiuS was unbelievable and brought our worship out to very deep level. I'd vote for having them every year!
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Inline image 1Many of you met Dr. Jeremie Agré who was present at our Portland meeting in 2016.  Jeremie is currently leading the mobile eye clinic project in the Ivory Coast, a French speaking country located in West Africa.  Ivory Coast is a country of 24 million with less than 30 eye surgeons and most of them work in the capital city leaving the rural area under-served. The mobile eye clinic project is to serve the rural population. The project is planning to open 2 new satellite eye clinics and to hire 2 ophthalmic nurses to support the important needs outside the large city. The satellite clinics will enable cataract and glaucoma screening to take place in the under-served rural areas and visiting surgeons from the capital to perform surgeries and follow up care.  



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The end of another year is nearly here and I am reminded of how blessed I am to be an ophthalmologist and to enjoy a wonderful profession in which I am able to serve patients and our Lord in a way that is meaningful and often life changing.  I am thankful for having a profession were I am needed despite the employment struggles of so many around me.  

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