Grant recipient testimonies

B Schallenberg

I am so thankful for Christian Ophthalmology Society and having the opportunity to attend the 2013 meeting. The stories and conversations with bold men and women of faith genuinely encouraged my own faith and my walk with God. As my wife and I hope to do Ophthalmology missions after residency, this experience was invaluable. From hearing Dr. David Stevens' life in missions to Dr. Steven Anderson's immersion in a Muslim culture to Dr. Glen Brindley's steadfast dedication to proclaiming the gospel, every part of the meeting was an encouragement. The science, clinical updates, surgical topics, etc were also exceptional. I feel very blessed to have taken part in this fellowship of believers.

I cannot thank all of you enough for providing a way for me to attend the conference. Without your support, I would not have been able to come. I was looking forward to the conference for months. In fact, I worked a night shift and the drove immediately to Houston from San Antonio because I did not want to miss any of it! Your support is definitely appreciated!

L Potts

The 2013 COS meeting in Houston was an incredible blessing to my wife and me! We were greatly encouraged in our walk with the Lord, and beneficially challenged to focus our plans for the future on intentional service for the Lord, specifically in the field of ophthalmology. What we learned from this meeting will impact my professional life, as well as our life together as a couple, for the glory of God! We praise the Lord for such a special meeting, and the wonderful mentorship of those who share during the meeting! 

Receiving a grant was a tremendous and unexpected blessing! We could not have attended the meeting without this support, and feel grateful and humbled by such generosity. Our lives were sown into by everyone whose financial contribution made the grant possible. We are excited for the day when we too can take part in blessing the next generation of Christian ophthalmologists and their families, and can bless the Society by continuing the tradition of servant leadership. 
Thank you!!

J Walgama

It is always encouraging to be surrounded by Christian ophthalmologists who are honoring the Lord with their careers. The missions day is always a highlight as it inspires young physicians to think beyond the US to serve the poor.

I highly recommend the investment to allow physicians in training to attend the meeting. It is a great ministry and it is likely to keep the conference attendance strong for years to come as grant recipients become society members.

M Gold

My heart entering medical school was to be used by God to help minister and serve people all over the world through medicine. I was exposed to the mission field early in life traveling with my dad, and from those early trips I desired to continue serving in that capacity. However, throughout medical school I have found it very difficult to remain focused on my true purpose of honoring God and being obedient to His calling on my life as the stress of grades, tests, and applications continues to mount each year. These pressures seemed to be coming to a peak just before this conference started as I am finishing my residency application and preparing for Step 2. By the grace of God, my wife and I were given a grant to attend the 2013 COS annual meeting in The Woodlands, and I believe God used that conference to help restore my vision heading into my final year of medical school.

I was so encouraged by the physicians, families, and other medical students with whom I interacted. Being surrounded by such Godly men and women was so refreshing, and I was quickly reminded of how powerful and sovereign God really is hearing all of the testimonies from the mission field that everyone was sharing. My wife and I both left so encouraged and more confident that God is a God in whom we can fully trust with all things...including grades and our future. I believe God used COS as a reminder of his goodness in our lives, and I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to go this year! 

God used the COS conference to bless me and my wife in tremendous ways. I cannot thank all of the donors enough for the gifts and support they have given, because their efforts helped make a huge impact in my life. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them and ask that they continue to support this cause in future years. Because just as I was blessed this year, I am confident that God will continue to use this conference to bless many more grant recipients in the future. 

R Lehman

The meeting was a great encouragement to me. Worshiping and fellowshipping with so many other Christian ophthalmologists strengthened my faith. I particularly enjoyed Dr. Carlson's lecture about Jesus healing Bartimaeus.  Thank you for providing me the opportunity to attend COS.

- Roy Lehman

J Wang

I have connected with many like minded Christian. And I have learned much about defined my world view and self worth in terms of services to the world.

I would like to thank them for the grant. Their grant has opened up a support network for young Christian physician in training.

- Jizhou Wang

K Talbot

This event was incredible! I have always wanted to incorporate short term missions into my future practice, and being able to learn from so many great physicians who have all been in my position was a blessing. I met a few like-minded medical students in my time at COS as well, and I look forward to getting to know these young men better as we pursue our dreams together.

I would not have been able to attend this meeting without the grant and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to come. This will not be my last event and I am certain to be a future member.

- Kevin Talbot

M Miller

My husband and I were blessed to be a part of COS this year, and I will hold experiences that I had at the meeting in my heart and mind as I continue to be guided by the Lord. I was moved by Dr. Steve Anderson's talk, "What is your fish?" during the Thursday's spouses lunch "A Calling to Missions". I was inspired by the history and leadership of the MoJ clinic in Oklahoma. We enjoyed the evening events, and were happy to be part of the meeting.  Thank you for the grant for us to attend the conference!

- Maxine Miller

M Recko

COS refreshes and renews the mission of why I decided to go into Medicine and Ophthalmology. To gather with so many like minded and like spirited individuals and to see how they are impacting the world for God, inspires me to be bold and have excitement.  COS grants have so greatly impacted my life. I know I will begin giving towards grants when I have the funds (once I begin work).

- Matt Recko

A. Lewis

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the whole meeting because of restriction placed on our ability to take leave during the summer months. It was such a blessing to be able to fellowship and meet so many like-minded individuals that love God and love their fellow man! Thank you for the opportunity to get refreshed prior to jumping back into the daily grind of the resident life.

I undoubtedly would have not attended the meeting if a grantwas not offered. I had never been to a meeting before but was strongly encouraged to do so by one of my staff mentors. Now that I have experienced the meeting, I will be sure to return and happily support grants for future residents, medical students and missionaries.

- Andrew Lewis


T Kao

Attending this year's conference was a wonderful experience for my wife and me! It was a blessing to hear how God was leading people in so many different ways both in the US and abroad. We came away more informed about the many opportunities available for service and found ourselves very inspired and refreshed. Lastly, the fellowship we had with other believers was a big encouragement to us and was incredibly helpful as we continue to consider the next phases of our life.

I want to thank the donors again for their gifts. My wife and I learned a lot at this conference and I think the lessons and encouragement we received at this conference will affect the decisions we make as I get closer to completing residency. Specifically, I came away with the heart to follow the Lord where he may lead rather than trying to figure out what I want in my career and life. I will be telling my colleagues about this conference because I found the time so valuable.

- Tim Kao

Z. DiIulio

This particular meeting was a much needed and gratefully attended meeting for me. I had been somewhat distracted by some of the necessary evils of medical school (like that studying thing), and was reminded by this meeting just how important Christian fellowship, discipleship, and friendship is in the life of the believer. The uplifting messages, life-changing stories, and encouraging accounts of God's unfailing faithfulness and power are something that I look forward to every year (this was my 4th COS). God does amazing work when you let Him show you how he intends to use you. 

I can not thank the society members enough for their contributions to the work of God that we are privileged to hear about from local and abroad missionaries, and also the work that He does at the COS conference as His children share their calling. Every year I have attended the COS has been such a refreshing and encouraging time, especially while I have so many opportunities to be distracted by the activities of medical school. Words can not express the impact that these times of fellowship have had, not only on my professional goals, but more importantly on my spiritual wellness and relationship with Christ. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Zachary DeIulio

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